Remote working is a huge shift to work life. Now we have to contend with juggling email, meetings ,messages and calendar invites at a much greater intensity.

Here are some chrome add-ons that really help:


Working remotely could easily cause home life and work-life to fuse into an amorphous unsatisfying lump.

Forests is a companion add on to the Forests app. It helps you implement the Pomodoro technique – set a quick work cycle of 30mins to 45mins.

My favourite feature is where it gives you a break down of how focused you have been over the week. It turns a humdrum workday into a game of sprints to see if I could break my own record for the number of focused hours worked.



Tabs Outliner

After working for a few hours I am often left with a jungle of windows and tabs to wade through. And when tabs become lost – I’d start a new tab or window adding to the mess.

Tab Jungle
Windows hell

Instead of the above purgatory, these could all be compacted into a nice accessible tree tab with tabs outliner . Not only is it way easier to find what I need, but I could also drag and organize, label, copy url from one neat interface.

Sidewise РSimilar to Tabs Online sidewise. 

*however in Beta 


Communication now happens on text a lot more than before. Grammarly works as a personal proofreader.

The Chrome add-on helps with checking misspellings, sentence structure and more.


Grammarly for Chrome

A top feature, which although doesn’t work very well, is that it now detects the tone of the email you are writing.

Grammarly's latest tool will tell you if your text comes across ...

The neat emoticon serves me a good reminder that it is people I am writing for and to. Its all too easy to forget when you are behind a keyboard and screen all the time. This feature has me finding revisions to emails to ensure not only the content is right but lands better.